Come talk to us about storage!

Our storage facility is based at 32 Park Terrace, Blenheim. The building is of concrete construction and is clean and dry. We have installed a sophisticated, monitored alarm system, which incorporates CCTV fitted with motion sensors, both internal and external. 

The building is also rodent-protected with bait stations, which are checked monthly by our contractors. Unlike some of the other storage facilities in Blenheim, there are no wandering mice to be seen! 

As an added bonus to our storage service, we can also look after your prized pot plants! These are held in a pot plant-friendly environment, somewhere else, where they are regularly watered and tended to. We offer this service in the knowledge that plants are an integral part of a household and should be cared for as well as we care for your household possessions. Sorry we don't do extend this to your pets though! ;)